Back to School Night - Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who came to Back to School Night! We hope you had a chance to chat with all your student's teachers, and see some of their work so far!

If you didn't get a chance, or forgot to obtain a teacher's contact information, please remember that we have the school directory   for you!

Villanova Day of Service - Saturday, Sept 24

On Saturday, September 24th we will welcome volunteers from the Villanova Day of Service who will help us bring our school garden to life for curriculum inclusion and general use. 

If you would like to participate on Saturday, place for little scientists, please contact  Tara Desmond . We will have jobs for everyone!

These are just some of the events, at our school, this past see more of our school, head to the gallery at the bottom of this page.

September 2016

September 7 - First Day of school for Grades 1-8,  and Bright Futures  

September 7-13 - Kindergarten Parent-Teacher Interviews

September 12 - Kindergarten Meet and Greet - (4:30-6:30pm at the ESP Playpen, 22nd and Brown)

September 10 - Future Tigers Playdate (11am, Clemente Playground, 18th & Wallace)

September 10 - Flea Market Fundraiser (9am-5pm) - school sidewalk spaces available! Contact
Barbara for more information!

September 14 - First day of Kindergarten and Kindergarten parent welcome

September 21 - Back to School Night and Uniform Exchange! (5:00-7:00pm)

September 24  - Villanova Day of Service  - Community volunteer day in partnership with Villanova University. Volunteers needed!!

September 29 - 2017-2018 School Selection Process Begins!! If you are out of catchment, please start the process by going to

September 30 - NO SCHOOL - Professional development

September TBD - Bache-Martin Family Picnic and Movie Night (Brown Street Lawn)


Thank you for the amazing support on our music fundraisers! in 24hrs we were able to not only reach, but exceed our goal! We are lucky to be surrounded by such a supportive community!

Our K-4 science teacher, Ms. McCracken has a new fundraiser challenge for us:

This fundraiser will allow the K-4th students to learn about geology. Our youngest tigers will be able to learn about erosion, deposition and stream flow all while being engaged with a hands on visual.

....And, if you donate, before September 29th, your donation will be doubled. *Just enter the code LIFTOFF on the payment page* .

A big thank you to all those that helped our previous fundraisers, and please spread the word of these new fundraisers to family and friends!  We cannot make this happen without your help!
HSA Packet

By now you should have received an informative packet from the HSA; please fill it out, and return it to your child(ren)'s teacher! If you have misplaced the packet, you can download it here .

Your involvement is critical on your student's and the school's success! You CAN make a difference! 

First day of Kindergarten

We hope the first days of Kindergarten have gone well for all of our youngest students! 

...once again, welcome to the Bache-Martin Family; we look forward to working with all of you!

The first day of school has arrived! We hope everyone had a wonderful summer!

We hope Positive Movement Drill Team's welcome got you energized for a wonderful first day of school!
​​Please note that there are some changes to the arrival/departure procedures, so please make sure your student goes to the correct location!

Please expect detailed information/enrollment links to be up by the end of August. For more details please visit the School/After School Programs tab .

As of right now, enrollment is already open for

  • Bache-Martin Extended Day Program << Waitlist only!
  • Fairmount Art Center (pickup at our school)
  • Snapology << Program Full!
  • Soccer Shots
  • Girls on the Run
  • Philadelphia City Rowing
  • Mi Casita Spanish Immersion Program <
  • ZoomBallet
  • Young Rembrandts
  • Y-Achievers
  • Spark Program
  • ​Yoga Habit

....and stay tuned for more programs (including some new ones) as well!

The supply lists have arrived, please go and check what your student will need this school year (under the Parents tab, see "Supply Lists" or follow the link above).

New Faculty

We are excited to welcome nine new members to the school's faculty and staff in the upcoming year! 

To find out more about them, go to the New Faculty page, and please help us welcome Ms. Cocca, Ms. Donahue, Ms. Imbriglia, Ms. McCraken, Ms. Sheehy, Ms. White, Mr. Zembroski, Mr. Jenkins, and Ms. Wimberly into our community!

Walnut Street Theatre news
In addition to our new faculty, please help us welcome Ms. Amanda Pasquini, our new Education Apprentice through the Walnut Street Theatre partnership. 

She is a recent graduate of the Pennsylvania State University and a native of South Jersey. While at Penn State, she studied Secondary Education with a concentration in English and Theatre. Amanda’s love for theatre began with performing. Now, she mostly focuses on teaching and directing. She has directed multiple shows for both adults and children. Amanda began her apprenticeship at the end of June and will be with the Walnut until May. She is very excited to work with the student of Bache-Martin for this upcoming school year.

Reminders: 3rd, 6th, and 7th grade

Don't forget, that incoming students in these grades will need the following upon their return, in September.

  • 3rd Graders - a current dental exam
  • 6th Graders - an up-to-date physical and proof of Meningitis shot with TDAP booster.
  • 7th Graders - a current dental exam

If you have misplaced the forms, please go to the Parents tab to download them, or you can find them on the Philadelphia School District website .

Access Your Student's Information On-Line!

Parents/guardians can access their student(s) classroom assignments and other information via the SDP website.  You will need your student's SDP-assigned 7-digit ID number (find it on your student's report card).

Go to  and click on "Family Net" in the Parents box midway down the page.  Log-in or create an account if you don't have one.

You will need to link your student's account to yours.  Click on "My Students" and follow the instructions. Once the SDP links your students to your account (24-72 hours), you will then be able to click on "Family Net" and access all sorts of goodies on your student. 

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please click here .  If you need to troubleshoot the process, please call 215-400-4000 for assistance.

Contact us! / Contáctenos!

Make a Donation for School Supplies

From copy paper to crayons, from basketballs to dry erase markers, and from buses for field trips to light bulbs for Promethean board projectors, these are but some of the supplies needed in classrooms for our students at Bache-Martin.  Please consider making a donation today to the school for the purchase of these items!  

Click here to make a donation now. 

Bache-Martin, a neighborhood K-8 public elementary school located in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia, offers students an unparalleled educational experience that draws deeply upon the cultural resources found in Center City Philadelphia and programs designed to instill a foundation for life-long learning.
Please note: we are transitioning onto a new webhost; if a link doesn't work, please contact Angie . ​​
  1. Pizzeria Vetri
    Pizzeria Vetri
  2. PIzzeria Vetri
    PIzzeria Vetri
  3. Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
    Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
  4. Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
    Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
  5. Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
    Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
  6. Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
    Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
  7. Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
    Culinary Arts Practical with Vetri Foundation
  8. Tiger Field Day
    Tiger Field Day
  9. Tiger Field Day
    Tiger Field Day
  10. Tiger Field Day
    Tiger Field Day
  11. Tiger Field Day
    Tiger Field Day
  12. Clay Studio
    Clay Studio
  13. Volunteers from NC
    Volunteers from NC
  14. Outdoor Learning Lab
    Outdoor Learning Lab
  15. Interior Play yard
    Interior Play yard
  16. Walking Field Trip
    Walking Field Trip
  17. Bake Sale
    Bake Sale
  18. String Concert
    String Concert
  19. HSA in front garden
    HSA in front garden
  20. Volunteers from NC
    Volunteers from NC
  21. Volunteers from NC
    Volunteers from NC
  22. Earth Day
    Earth Day
  23. Bake sale
    Bake sale
  24. Clay studio
    Clay studio
  25. Clay Studio
    Clay Studio
  26. K students at Pizzeria Vetri
    K students at Pizzeria Vetri
  27. Bache Building
    Bache Building
  28. Martin Building
    Martin Building
  29. Interior Play Yard
    Interior Play Yard
  30. Interior Play Yard
    Interior Play Yard
  31. 1st LEGO League wins an award!
    1st LEGO League wins an award!
  32. Our 1st Lego League
    Our 1st Lego League
  33. Adopt-A-Tiger
  34. Walnut Street Theatre
    Walnut Street Theatre
  35. Bake Sale
    Bake Sale
  36. Walk to School Day
    Walk to School Day
  37. Walk to School Day
    Walk to School Day
  38. Walk to School Day
    Walk to School Day
  39. Winter Social
    Winter Social
  40. Picnic on the front garden
    Picnic on the front garden