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Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year!

The Bache-Martin Home & School Association (HSA) is here to support your student(s), the teachers, and the school. We need parents and guardians like YOU to support the delivery of a great educational experience for our students.

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April ​​

April 27 
Career Day
Love your job? Come tell our students about it! Sign up here.   8:45am to 11am

April 27
Early Dismissal
Professional Development 

April 28
Fairmount Arts Crawl
Student art show, and fundraiser. Sign up to help by clicking here! 

May 1
Book Fair
Central Hallway, 9am-3pm

May 7-9
Mothers' Day Photo Booth
We are looking for volunteers,

Bache in Bloom

School News

Spring Cleaning weekend at Bache-Martin!
Did you know that we had over dozens of volunteers at Bache-Martin for #ComcastCaresDay, on Saturday, and Bache-Martin Donation Drive on Sunday? 
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On Saturday, over 50 volunteers came for #ComcastCaresDay at Bache-Martin.

They helped us spruce up our garden, getting it ready for Bache in Bloom Silent Auction and Raffle, they helped give our school a good spring cleaning, filling up a 40' dumpster, organized Ms. Pierce's closet, AND helped us enter more of our books into the library system (getting us closer to that opening goal). 

How amazing is that?!​​

On Sunday we had a wonderful turnout for the Bache-Martin's Donation Drive!

All of your donations, went to Big Brothers Big Sisters; giving them a second life, and keeping them away from landfills.

We couldn't have done any of this without the generous donations from our community, all the tireless volunteers (parents, #ComcastCares, Friends of Bache-Martin, faculty, and neighbors), local businesses High Point Cafe -who kept volunteers and donors fed and caffeinated-, and PhilaGorilla Movers, LLC, who helped us transport the donations.

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Thank you, to all of you, who continue to help us make a difference! We are grateful to be surrounded by such a supportive community!
Counselor Corner! 

Our students have been working hard all year, and our 3rd to 8th graders will be able to show all that they are learning on the PSSAs!  

The  PSSA test can be intimidating and we want all of our students to know  that WE BELIEVE IN YOU! YOU CAN DO IT! In this month's newsletter you can also get some PSSA tips: Rest, eating well, and being on time. Click here to read the April Newsletter.

Character theme of the month:

During the month of April we will focus on SELF CONTROL and encourage our students to STOP and THINK before they act or speak!


It is difficult for our minds to make positive choices when we are angry. We make our BEST choices and decisions when we are minds are CALM. Practicing self-control helps to calm our minds so that we can make safe, positive decisions!

March focus was PERSERVERANCE, where we encouraged our students to try their best, ask for help, and believe in themselves!

For more ways of helping your child learn more about perserverance, click here to download the March newsletter.

Home and School Board Elections
Home & School Association Board election ballot is open until April 23. The new board will hold the positions for a two-year term. 

To ready brief personal statements from the candidates, please click here

Tara Desmond
Lisa Wray
Ashanti Martin
Aimee Dugas
Nicole Ginieczki
Melissa Stewart
Joanne Montano
Angélica Jaszek

To vote online, please click here. 

Career Day - April 27
Do you love your job? Do you enjoy talking about your career? Come share your knowledge and experiences with the next generation of workers!

If you are interested in participating, please fill out this form to sign-up to volunteer .

Bache-Martin School is seeking parents, alumni, and other community members to participate in its Career Day program on the morning of Friday, April 27, 2018 (from 8:45 to 11am)

Volunteers will be assigned to small groups that will visit 1-4 classrooms to talk about their careers and offer advice. 

Questions? Please contact
April Fairmount Arts Crawl 2018 - April 28
Come one, come all to help out with the Fairmount Arts Crawl on Saturday April 28 from 11:00-5:00 pm

The HSA is in need of some volunteers to help staff the Bache Martin table at the event. The table will include art from some of our Bache Martin students and some Bache Martin Tigers to decorate and color.The festival includes more than 40 exhibits in all!

Children and families participate in craft-making activities, face painting, sidewalk chalk art and other entertainment. It should be a great time to get out and mingle with your join us, to sign up, click here!

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Mothers' Day Photo Booth

The Mothers Day Photo Booth will be open on Monday, May 7 through Wednesday, May 9

Photos will cost $5 and will come in a magnetic frame, perfect for display on a fridge or office. 

Students will be able to purchase photos for special ladies in their life who they love- mom, grandma, aunt, etc.  Our Tigers have a lot of fun with the photo booth props and we love having the opportunity to capture their beautiful smiling faces for a keepsake photo. 

We can also arrange sibling photos if you let us know! Email Aimee  if you have any questions, if you are able to volunteer, please consider signing up by clicking here!

Bache in Bloom - Open House, Raffle and Silent Auction
Our first Annual Open house, Raffle and Silent Auction, Bache in Bloom, will take place on  May 10, 2018, from 5pm to 7pm.

This event will benefit the Give and Go Recess Program.

We will need the help of parents and guardians like YOU, to collect donations, and for planning, volunteering during the event, and spreading the word!

We are looking for volunteers, and food donations! 
To sign up to help during the event, click here. And if you'd like to make food donations, you can sign up here. 

Please contact
Melissa or Leila  if you are interested, or have any questions!

Election Day Bake Sale - May 15th
Volunteers are needed to bake, and staff, the Home & School Association Election Day Bake Sale table at the corner of 22nd and Parrish on Tuesday, May 15.  

This is an important fundraiser for the school and folks are always excited to see us out there with our delicious baked goods. It's also a good opportunity to showcase the school and provides an opportunity for parents and members of the community to meet. 

This fundraiser can only be a success with your participation. Children are more than welcome and make the best sales people! 
Click here to sign up to bake, sell, set up, or break down.

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Library Prep Days

We are thankful for all the volunteers that took time away from their weekend, to come and help us this past Saturday, March 10!

Faculty, staff, parents, neighbors, and even alumni came to help us sort, label, and enter books into the system.

We will be having more prep days...would you like to help? We have both weekday*, and weekend days planned. Just send us a qucik email letting us know your interest. For those that are interested on weekend days, can you please click on this doodle link , letting us know your availability? 

...and thank you everyone that came, or spread the word of the event!

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Community Leadership Team - First Tuesday, 3:30pm
The Community Leadership Team is a developing advisory group that focuses on strategic school issues such as vision and mission, action plan for school improvement, budget, and school-based policies.

With the goal of hearing from a diverse group of school stakeholders, the group aims to include parents/family members, faculty, staff, students, community members, and the school administrators.  All meetings are open to interested parties. 

The Team has held two meetings this year, and for the remainder of the year, will meet on the first Tuesday of the month from 3:30pm-4:30pm in the Bache building library. 

Please join us for our next meeting on March 6, where we'll discuss strategies to respond to our recent School Progress Report and identify issues we'd like to address as a group.

If you cannot attend but have ideas for the Team, please contact parent/meeting organizer  Beth Doreian  or Mr. V.
Would you like to support the work that Bache-Martin faculty is doing? Here are a few chances to do so; remember, every little bit helps!

Claymobile for Kindergarten and First Grade -Only a few days left!
Help us bring the Claymobile back to Bache-Martin! 

The Claymobile program provides high quality ceramic art education that instills a sense of creativity, possibility, and wonder in students. 

Claymobile teachers lead each student on a discovery of the art and science of making a functional art object they can cherish for years to come.  More important than the object, the students are given the power to create and express their thoughts and emotions through art. 

Click here to help us bring the Claymobile back , and please share. Remember, every donation, however small helps us towards our goal! Thank you!

The More You Read, The More You Know
This is Ms. Sharon's first year, as a third grade teacher, so her library is not up to date with on level books for her third grade students.

"I have always taught lower level grades, and my students have read most of the books in our classroom library, and it's only January! My students are so hungry to read and learn, I want to expand my classroom library so they can fill their brains!"
Leveled Books for Special Education Students

The special education, Life Skills Support, students in grades 6th-8th have varied reading levels in this classroom. Reading levels are from A through K.

We are in need of leveled books for our special education classroom! We need these books in order to support our independent reading in the classroom. Studies have shown that the more time students spend on reading, the better readers they become!

The bookcase will be a place to put our leveled books. Please help us by donating to our classroom leveled library!

Thank you! 
We are thankful to all of you that have donated to our various causes.

Our latest successful fundraiser was the Mystery Science project, led by Ms. McCracken, our K-4 science teacher. 

What this means is that ALL STUDENTS in K-6th grades will be able to use this curriculum next year. Thank you!!

Parent Involvement: The Key to Success!
Get involved in your child's education, parental/guardian involvement is a key predictor of a student's academic success! Help them reach for the stars!


The Community Leadership Team is a developing advisory group that focuses on strategic school issues such as vision and mission, action plan for school improvement, budget, and school-based policies. The group aims to include parents/family members, faculty, staff, students, community members, and the school administrators. All meetings are open to interested parties. 

The Team meets on the first Tuesday of the month from 3:30pm-4:30pm in the school library (Bache building, second floor). Questions? Please contact Beth Doreian, or Mr. V. 


Get updates on school progress, bring your questions and concerns. These meetings are held on the first Wednesday of the month, at 8:15am, in the school Library (Bache building, second floor).


YOU can make the difference in our school; attend any of the open meetings. Morning meetings happen on the second Thursday of the month, at 8:15am in the school library, with additional meetings in the evenings (which will be announced ahead of time).


We are always looking for volunteers! We have a lot of opportunities for you to choose from; like the front desk,  or the upcoming Bache in Bloom fundraiser! To see all the opportunities, click here. 

Come and learn how you can make a difference; how you can help our students, and our school!

After School Programs - Winter & Spring Enrollment Open!
Don't forget: Registration is now open for the following Winter After School Programs! 

  • Girls on the Run
  • Philly Gaming Club
  • Snapology
  • Soccer Shots
  • Young Rembrandts
  • Zoom Ballet 

for more information, and enrollment links, please go to our After School Programs Page . More coming soon!!
Boxtops Contest!

Help your child's classroom win the
Box Tops Collection Competition by clipping and submitting.

Last school year, we earned $416.20 for our school from Box Tops and used the money for classroom supplies. This school year, our goal is to earn $1,000+!!

Clipping Box Tops is an easy way to help earn cash for our school. Each one is worth 10¢ for our school! Even just one Box Top helps, so please collect them, and send them in the Box Tops bag that came home with your student in the fall. 

Don't forget, if you get your neighbors, family, and friends to help you collect you can really help your class win more prizes, and, in turn, help raise more money for Bache-Martin.  Contact Nicole, for more information
Kindergarten registration IS OPEN!

Registration for kindergarten opens on January 16 and runs until May 31.

If you know you will be registering, the school asks that you do so as soon as possible, that way they can plan out-of-catchment slots as well. 


You can find what documents are required for registartion  by clicking here.

Please bring the documents to Ms. Sue in the main office between  9am and 11:30am, Monday-Thursday. If those hours do not work for you, please call the school (215) 400-7550 to speak to Ms. Sue directly.


February 21, 2018
March 6, 2018
May 10, 2018

All open houses start at 8:30am, in the Martin (one-story) building. Enter through the main entrance on 22nd street and register at the desk.

Questions? Please contact Jerilyn . For additional information from the District, click here.

Cold/Flu season
Cold/Flu season is here! When should I keep my student at home? Please use this handy guide, and let's stay healthy together!

For these, and more health resources, please visit our resources page. 

If a medication has been prescribed by your child's pediatrician, and needs to be administered, please contact the nurse's office. You will need to fill the Request for Administration of Medication form . Bring this form, along with the medication, to the nurses' office.
DON'T FORGET: Please submit a note for an excused absence! Templates were provided in the packet that was sent home with your students last week, you can also download one right here .

  • In case of student illness – a note from a parent is acceptable.
  • If the student is out for 3 or more days at a time, a doctor’s note is required to excuse absences.
  • You can access your student’s attendance record by creating a parent/family account at and signing up for the Parent Portal – let Ms. Cocca know if you’d like any assistance with the parent portal.
  • Students: Don't forget to hand in those notes!

​​Class Fundraisers

Can you help the following faculty with their classroom fundraisers and wishlists

And a huge thank you to those that have helped us fund the following campaigns this year:

Ms. Ganci and Ms. Imbriglia (Kindergarten) - Hurray for K! Campaign​ 
Ms. Chiminello (1st grade) - Bringing it Back to School!​ Campaign
Ms. DeSalvo (1st Grade) -  A New Year, A New Grade! 
Ms. Malloy (4th Grade) - Nurturing a Community​​ 
Ms. Sharon and Ms. West (3rd Grade) -  Social Studies and Science Are Important Too
Ms. Sharon (3rd Grade) - Wild about Learning!

Front Desk Volunteers Needed

We are looking for volunteers to take shifts in at least 1 hour increments to sit at the front desk, make sure people sign in, and direct them to the main office. The most important shift to cover first is 11am-1pm, though other times of the day will be needed as well. 

Info on obtaining the school clearances can be found on the
Clearances page . These will need to be submitted to the school secretary, Ms. Sue, before volunteering can begin. 

Please contact
Anna , or sign up right here ....and let your friends, and neighbors know about this opportunity!

Access Your Student's Information On-Line!

Parents/guardians can access their student(s) classroom assignments and other information via the SDP website.  You will need your student's SDP-assigned 7-digit ID number (this number can be found on your student's report card).

Go to The Philadelphia School District's Website , and follow the Parents link, or go to the School District's Family Portal.  Log-in, or create an account if you don't have one.

You will need to link your student's account to yours. Click on "My Students" and follow the instructions. Once the SDP links your students to your account (24-72 hours), you will then be able to click on "Family Net" and access all sorts of goodies on your student. 

For detailed step-by-step instructions, please click here .  If you need to troubleshoot the process, please call 215-400-4000 for assistance.

Contact us! / Contáctenos!

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