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Boasting a dedicated school administration, faculty, and support staff committed to providing Bache-Martin students with every opportunity to expand their minds and excel while at the school and beyond.

Message from Principal Mark D. Vitvitsky aka "Mr. V"

Welcome to the 2016-17 school year at Bache-Martin!
I am excited for this school year and to continue to work in partnership with the entire Bache-Martin learning community to build towards achieving our instructional vision of inspiring lifelong learners.
As we continue to grow and adapt to our students' needs and the future challenges they will face, this year, the school is pleased to offer new learning experiences through the addition of a Computer & Technology class and new Math and Literacy curriculum resources. 

​We are also welcoming a new hearing support program and American Sign Language program to our buildings.

The staff and I are looking forward to exploring these new opportunities with our students and working collaboratively to further their educational growth.

We are committed to providing our students with a rigorous and personalized education; in return, it is critical that we challenge our students to meet our expectations. This year, we invite our students to act as exemplars in the community, exhibit a willingness to work their way through problems - academic or social, and bring forth their curiosity. Based upon experience, when held to high expectations, students do take ownership of their learning and are capable of achieving anything.
I am excited about the potential of this school year and seeing the continued growth and progress of our “lifelong learners.”   
Stay tuned to learn more about our educational programming and other news from our school.

School Information

Bache-Martin is located in the Fairmount section of Philadelphia. A fixture for over a century in the neighborhood, Bache-Martin serves portions of the Fairmount, Francisville, and Spring Garden communities and is among an elite group of schools included in the Center City Schools Initiative.

Students from Bache-Martin have gone on and gained admission to other elite academic programs including:

Julia R. Masterman High School
Central High School
Academy at Palumbo
Philadelphia High School for Girls
Science and Leadership Academy
Carver High School of Engineering and Science
Girard Academic Music Program (GAMP)
Walter B. Saul High School

Campus and Facilities

The campus includes two buildings; the Martin Building holding the lower grade classrooms, and the Bache Building, where the middle school classrooms, and Bright Futures Program are located.

Both are magnificent historic structures, and are part of the National Register of Historic Places. 

The Martin Building (lower grades)

The Martin building was designed by Irwin T. Catharine, and was built in 1936–1937. 

This one story structure was built in the Georgian Revival style. It features a central projecting pediment portico with Corinthian columns, and a bell tower.

In addition to the lower grades, this building also houses the main office, our cafeteria, the Martin auditorium, gymnasium, and nurse's office.   ​Hidden from plain view and surrounded by classrooms are the school's recess yard, and the science garden. 

The Martin building was the first school in the Philadelphia school system for physically handicapped students.
In the Spring 2012, with the support of volunteers from the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation, parents, teachers, and staff transformed the other interior courtyard into an Outdoor Learning Lab and Science Garden.  This laboratory provides students with the opportunity to experience and learn first-hand about conservation, the natural environment, and plant life-cycle year round. 

Thanks to a 2007 Campus Parks grant, Bache Martin renovated one of the interior courtyards to make an inviting and safe playspace for the children. We installed a soft play-surface as well as extensive landscaping, and the area is used throughout the day for recess and recreation.
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The school also boasts a newly completed cybrary, a state of the art research facility equipped with computers, book and DVD stacks, plus small and large-group instructional areas. The cybrary exists through a partnership between the District and the Bache-Martin Home & School Association, and forms a cornerstone of the new project-based learning program.

The Bache Building (upper grades)

The Bache building, designed by Lloyd Titus in the Romanesque style, was built in 1905–1906.

This three-story, L-shaped, stone building features a central projecting gable elaborate arched window.

This building houses the upper classrooms, the Bright Futures program, and the library.

It was named for Philadelphia native Alexander Dallas Bache, an American physicist, scientist and surveyor.
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The educational program at Bache-Martin focuses on preparing our students to meet the rigor of the Common Core Standards. The faculty does so by focusing on creating critical thinkers by focusing their questioning techniques to allow our students the opportunity to think about what they are learning, sharing their perspectives and coming to conclusions independently and in groups.

The Philadelphia School District’s Core Curriculum in Literacy, Math, Social Studies and Science is used in all grades from K-8. The Core Curriculum is a rigorous and dynamic curriculum that utilizes the Benchmark Testing Program and other assessment procedures to monitor and augment student instruction at regular intervals throughout the school year. The federal No Child Left Behind program requires yearly testing to assess the school’s overall educational quality.

The Special Programs at Bache-Martin have been developed over the last twenty years and best represent the unique educational experience provided by the school. K-8 Students receive daily/weekly instruction in the following programs:

General Music Instruction
Instrumental Music (brass, percussion, strings)
Physical Education
Science Lab
Literacy Programs

Reading Enrichment for Advanced Students
Reading Intervention
Reading Olympics

Bache-Martin also offers a mentally gifted program and special education for those students who qualify.

In addition to the regular Education Curriculum, Bache-Martin has established partnerships with a number of local and national organizations to foster well-rounded students and instill the foundation for a life-long love of learning.