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Supply lists for 2017-2018

Below are the supply lists for this year. To download just click on the teacher's name to download.

If the teacher's name is not in light blue, we do not have a supply list available just yet. ​​Si necesita una lista en español, por favor contáctenos

Kindergarten - 8th Grade

1st Grade

2nd Grade

3rd Grade
*Please also get lists from Ms. Drayton, and Ms. McCracken

4th Grade
Ms. Liu and Ms. Malloy classes (124 and 107b) will have shared literacy and math lists. Please obtain both, plus Ms. Drayton's and Ms. McCracken's lists.

Mr. Hennigan's class will only need Ms. Drayton's and Ms. McCracken's lists, in addition to their classroom list. 

5th Grade
You will also need Ms. Drayton's list.

6th Grade
You will also need Ms. Drayton's list. 

7th/8th Grade
Blue - Social Studies


Please remember that your student will also have a list for Science, Art and other specialty classes, please check the lists below as well!!

Specialty Teachers (K-8)

Art (K-8)
Ms. Samantha Battle

Writing (3rd-6th)
Ms. Yvonne Drayton​

Instrumental Band
Ms. Vanessa Taylor

Science (K-4)
Ms. Charlotte McCracken 

Special Education (K-8)

Learning Support, grades K-2
Ms. Laverne Fletcher Mack -  (Rm 129 M)

Learning Support, grades 3-5
Ms. Cara Donahue -  (Rm 119 M)

ASL (K-2)

ASL (3-5)

ASL (5th-6th)

Autism Support, Grade K-2
Ms. Ginna D'Alba  

Autism Support, Grade 3-5

Autism Support, Grades 6-8

Life Skills Support, Grades K-2

Life Skills Support, Grades 3-5

Life Skills Support, Grades 6-8

AUD/ORAL  (6th-8th)
Ms. Gonzalez