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Bache-Martin 2017-2018 Partnerships

One of the greatest points of pride at Bache-Martin is the many wonderful partnerships we have at the school.  In addition to the returning programs, the school seeks to add additional partnerships during the school day that support the curriculum and extend the learning of our students.

Clay Mobile
(Kindergarten - 1st grade)

Claymobile sends a teaching artist and an assistant directly to a host site, bringing all of the supplies and materials necessary to conduct a ceramic art lesson. The teaching artist and assistant lead students through comprehensive lessons catered to age, ability, and classroom goals that teach students the basics of building with clay and focus on stimulating the creative imagination.

Work is constructed at the site and then transported back to the Claymobile’s studio for firing. Students work in a residency format for 6 consecutive weeks.

Culinary Literacy Nourishing Program 
(Kindergarten, 3rd and 6th grades)

The Culinary Literacy Center is revolutionizing the way Philadelphians think about food, nutrition, and literacy. It aims to advance literacy in Philadelphia in a unique and innovative way—with a fork and spoon.

The Culinary Literacy Center is a commercial-grade kitchen that serves as a classroom and dining space for Philadelphians.. Teachers will bring students to their hands-on lab, where they teach math via measuring, reading via recipes, and science via seeing what pops out at the end of the cooking process. Chefs of all ages can experiment with new foods, new tools, and new ideas.
Dance eXchange
(3rd grade)

Based on the award-winning methodology of the National Dance Institute (NDI), Dance eXchange uses live music and structured creative learning to teach Philadelphia students the basic vocabulary of dance, while fostering personal growth skills like self-confidence, focus, teamwork, and determination. A new partnership at the school this year, Dance eXchange is working with our 3rd grade students.

Held twice every week for a total of 24 class sessions per year, Dance eXchange brings two teaching artists and a live musician into the classroom to engage students in four key activities: 

  1. “Call and Response Greetings,” which serve as an ice-breaker and build student energy
  2. “The Warm-Up,” which varies day-to-day and introduces key movements and techniques
  3. “I Go, You Go,” which builds choreography sequences through repetition of simple, athletic gestures set to varying rhythms/tempos, as well as competitive group games
  4. “Runs and Leaps,” which give each dancer a moment in the spotlight and accents stage presence 

Each year features a mid-way performance for students’ peers and a final performance on a professional stage for friends, family, and the community.

Philadelphia Museum of Art 
(2nd - 4th grade)

The Philadelphia Museum of Art's "Art Speaks" is a museum visit program designed specifically for 2nd through 4th grade classrooms in Philadelphia public schools.

The program focuses on the wonderful ways we can learn about and respond to what artists create. The learning strategies are literacy based, and connect to the District’s language arts curriculum.   

Philadelphia Orchestra 
(2nd - 4th grade)

The Philadelphia Orchestra’s School Partnership Program cultivates students’ knowledge and love of orchestral music, and develops perceptive and creative skills. 

This program offers students in the 2nd through 4th grade at Bache-Martin incomparable exposure and access to The Philadelphia Orchestra and its musicians. 

A Philadelphia Orchestra Teaching Artist visits the classrooms on a weekly basis. The Artist works side-by-side with classroom teachers using curriculum and materials created by the Orchestra’s education department in collaboration with area music and classroom teachers, school administrators, and teaching artists.

Philadelphia Reads 
(1st- Chiminello and 2nd - Brehouse)
Each week, the students in selected classrooms participate in a mentoring program through Philadelphia Reads Power Partner Program. ​​

Students in 1st grade will be matched with a reading mentor at Dechert Law Firm and 2nd graders will be matched with a reading mentor at PECO Energy.

Students, teachers and parent volunteers travel via school bus every Tuesday as part of this program. Students spend 45 minutes reading with their mentors.
(7th Grade)

This is the second year all of our 7th grade students are involved with the Spark program.  

Spark is a nonprofit organization that engages 7th and 8th grade students, keeping them on track and ready for success in high school and beyond through workplace-based apprenticeships that uniquely combine mentoring, project-based learning, skill building and career exploration.  

Whether your child is interested in learning how to design a house, fly a plane, become a veterinarian or pursue any other profession, Spark will connect him or her with a hands-on, engaging and inspiring apprenticeship.  Spark family orientation is Monday, September 21st @ 5:30pm.  All 7th grade families are invited.

Field Trips

Beyond these partnership programs, Bache-Martin teachers actively explore and schedule field trips throughout the school year that extend the classroom experience into the rich cultural offerings available in the City.

  • Woodmere Art Museum
  • Franklin Institute
  • Philadelphia Zoo
  • Kimmel Center for Performing Arts
  • Free Library of Philadelphia
  • Annenberg Center for Performing Arts (Children's Festival)
  • National Liberty Museum
  • African-American Museum
  • National Museum of American Jewish History
  • Constitution Center
  • Walnut Street Theatre
  • Shady Brook Farms